When you are busy with your business or work, it may not be feasible for you to spend too much time organizing your company’s event yourself. There are several event management companies in Bangalore, and you can hire one of them to do the leg work. But how will you decide which one to hire? The best may not be the one suitable for your purpose. Here are some questions you can ask before zeroing in on the one.

What type of events do you organize – where does your expertise lie?

Events, even corporate ones, are of many different types; the largest distinction being B2B and B2C events; also, some event planners specialize in certain industries. For example, some event planners do a lot of pharma company events, so they have excellent rapport with doctors, pharma company reps and so on. It is good to find out if the event planer has experience in organizing the kind of event you want. For example, if the person you’re considering has specialized only in heavy entertainment events – like galas, awards ceremonies, dealer/distributor appreciation events etc. but you are looking to organize a serious event like a seminar or workshop – then that particular planner may not be your best bet.

Can you furnish references or video clips of previous events?

Asking for proof of work is always a good idea. This way you can see for yourself how well the event was planned and executed.

What services do you provide?

You need to have clarity on what all the corporate event management company in Bangalore can arrange for: venue, catering, A/V equipment, marketing, accommodation, entertainment, décor, hiring speakers and so on. Find out if they have a regular set of vendors they work with; if they do, it means they can offer better prices.

What will be your fee? Are there any hidden costs that may be mentioned after the event?

Usually, the planner will be upfront with you regarding the total cost; they will, or should, give you a budget that includes all the expenses. Ask the method of charging too: do they charge hourly rates, per day, or a flat fee? Be very clear about this so that you have no shocks after the event is over.

Who is the point of contact for daily discussions/queries?

Get the name and contact details of the person who is to be your point of contact; if there are different people for different things, like stage arrangement, catering, A/V etc. get everyone’s details so that you know whom to get in touch with if there is an issue with anything.

Do you use any software to manage the event?

While this is not absolutely necessary, it will help to establish how professional the event management firms in Bangaloreare in their approach.

How will you manage unexpected emergencies that may arise? How will you protect the event?

Find out if they will be prepared for medical emergencies that may happen on the big day. Do they have a doctor on site with first aid facilities? Do they have a tie up with hospitals nearby? Are they aware of fire and safety regulations? Will all necessary precautions be taken to prevent mishaps?

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Very important, don’t you think? If, for some unforeseen reason you have to cancel the event, what then? How much will they refund? You need to know.

Make sure you meet a few corporate event planners in Bangalore and interview them before you make your choice.