One of the things to consider in custom award design and creation is the color scheme. With a variety of colors to explore in the industry, you have many options. A custom award item can contain one primary color or a combination of complementary colors to bring out the desired message. Selecting a color for your custom award could be easier when you have a color scheme to follow.

Most businesses and organizations have a corporate color to identify with. However, I some cases, you have to be flexible in your choices. The color you choose for your custom award products should represent your brand or organization. Better still, you can personalize your items to reflect a particular event, service, or product. Personalization is an important aspect of custom award creation.

Here are important color considerations to make, when it comes to custom award creation.


Red can bring texts and images to the foreground. It is preferable to use when you want to catch attention and associate it with feelings of love, passion, or anger. In some cases, red also indicates courage. When you approach a dealer for custom awards, you can discuss the color of your choice and listen to suggestions from the provider as well.


Yellow denotes joy, intellect, or happiness. If you would like to evoke joyful memories with your award, then yellow is a prime color to consider. However, it is equally advisable to listen to suggestions from your preferred supplier. Sometimes the color depends on the purpose of the item. Custom awards are usually meant for recognition purposes, but can be offered as a special gift too.


Green is a color for growth, stability, and endurance. It denotes freshness, fertility, and harmony. You can also use it to send strong messages of safety to the recipient.


It denotes depth and stability. It is also a symbol of trust, wisdom, and loyalty. Unlike the warm colors like red, yellow, or orange, blue is associated with consciousness and intellect. Usually, it makes a good color for awards for students, loyal employees, and distinguished personalities in the corporate world.

From the mentioned variations, you can understand the importance of color selection because each shade comes with a particular significance. When you approach a supplier, you should have a color in mind be ready to explore what other colors the supplier has to offer. This can help you come up with a suitable custom award to meet its intended purpose.