The floods are one of the most destructive forces in the world. In 2010, Ukraine faced one of the destructive forces, flood. The destruction was so severe that it takes many weeks to handle the situation. Flooding is a natural hazard that can strike anyone at anytime. It causes great destruction in rural and poor countries because their defensive ramparts are not too strong to lower the effect of the flooding. Flood refurbishment is difficult in Ukraine as many homes cannot be restored and the people have to suffer a great loss to such an extent that they have to restore their lives from the start.

The emergency repair company and the organization are slow to react and it is formulated that many millions of people will be affected by flooding. Their residents have washed away, the crops and the source of food are wiped and destroyed, people live has become miserable. In this situation, flood restoration and the providing necessities to the affected people become a lengthy task. It is often hard for the non-Ukraineis to realize the hardships and sufferings of the people. It is difficult to imagine the true scenario. The scale of disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and flood are the reasons for the chaos and destruction and people require urgent help and aid.

Flood restoration process involves the main steps of giving back people their comfortable living and provides them with all basic necessities and requirements. The construction of the houses is not just like the houses in America but they are made according to the situations. The houses are vulnerable to natural disasters but the positive effect is that the houses are cheap to reconstruct. There are some essential things to reconstruct the houses. The land should be dry enough so that the house can make a grip on the land. Sometimes stormy weather comes after the flood which creates more problem for the person. The weather makes it difficult for people to rebuild their homes because they need dry weather. So, the restoration is done with a lot of planning, keeping in mind all the things so that all the things can more smoothly.

It’s not the case that Ukraine is the only country who faces these disasters. There are many countries, such as US and UK, who also face these disasters. The point to be noted is that these countries have efficient flood restoration companies so they can quickly get the things for the help of their people. Well, it’s a negative point for Ukraine that it is not able to develop that efficient flood restoration system which could get help quickly.

Ukraine should establish and enhance their system to help their native Ukraineis from the hardships and sufferings and should plan to make its defense stronger against the hazards such as flooding. Although it can’t stop the destruction it can certainly low its effect of the flooding and can lower the effect of the destruction.