Is Language Style a Barrier to Clinical Trial Participation?

Is Language Style a Barrier to Clinical Trial Participation?

Research has shown that using metaphors to explain randomisation could make it easier to recruit patients for clinical trials. A study outlined in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that using simple language might be the best approach. Benign metaphors were discovered to be particularly effective when explaining randomization to patients who did not have a high level of health literacy.


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Randomised controlled trials (commonly referred to as RCTs) are an essential part of research in many fields, including cancer research. Despite the importance of RCTs, the percentage of cancer patients who take part in such trials is fewer than 5% in the USA. Among ethnic and racial minorities, the figures are even lower. The recent study found that approximately 75% of all investigators fail to achieve their recruitment goal.

Different Linguistic Approaches

The study’s researchers found that one of the main hurdles to getting patients to take part in RCTs is the way in which randomisation is presented and explained to potential participants. In an attempt to improve patients’ understanding of randomisation, two different strategies have been tried. The first uses plain language, with short sentences and simple non-technical language. This has been found to make it easier for patients receiving a cancer diagnosis to understand their treatment options. The other method involved using metaphors. This method has been found to help patients understand previously unfamiliar concepts. Researchers have also discovered that making health information personally relevant to the patient can increase RCT participation.

The language used is extremely important, and trial organisers should ensure all researchers are aware of this when they are arranging their clinical staffing for any trial. Reputable companies such as offer qualified, experienced and highly trained staff for all manner of research or clinical projects.

Researchers’ Hopes for the Future

The study’s authors say that their research could offer guidance on improving the informed consent process in future. Data was collected from 500 patients over 18 who had received a cancer diagnosis in the previous two years and who could both read and write in the English language. None of the participants had taken part in trials previously.

The patients were given information in a variety of ways – some with plain language, and some with metaphors (of two different types).

Your All-Important Guide to Choosing the Best Material for Your Pull Up Banner

We all know that the design of your banner makes a big difference on how effective it will be – especially if your target audience is a picky and selective one. But before you make an effort to design the perfect banner, you need to think about the material first. The material of your banner can also have an impact and choosing the right material often depends on a range of factors, including where your banner will be placed, how long you will use it, the regulations of the location or venue, and more.

The location

The most important factor which can impact the material you choose for your banner is the location. Where will it be placed? If you are planning to use your pop up banners outdoors, it follows that you need to choose a material GuestPostthat’s sturdy enough to withstand the weather. This is where materials such as PVC can really be the optimum choice. PVC banners are waterproof, thick and strong, and are specially-made for outdoor use – perfect for outdoor pull up banners. For a banner for indoor use, durability isn’t such an issue, so you can choose fabric or PVC as well.

How long it will be used

Another factor which affects your choice in banner material is the length of time you will use your banner. Are you planning to use it through several exhibitions and trade shows? Then you may need to find a more durable and hardy material. On the other hand, if you’re only planning to use the banner two or three times, it may be more economical to settle for thinner material.

Proper maintenance

Maintaining a banner isn’t that difficult, but if you’re not up to spending time cleaning and storing your banner, your choice in material can make an impact. Choose your material depending on the type of care you are willing and able to provide for the banner. Some materials are easier to maintain than others, so ask the banner printing service about this as well.

Venue requirements

Keep in mind that some locations or venues may have a few requirements when it comes to the material of your banner and even its size and design. Contact the venue before you have your banner designed and printed so you know what these requirements and restrictions are. For instance, some venues require pull up banners made from fabric to be covered in additional flame-retardant material.

Your main choices

As mentioned, PVC is one material you can make use of, especially for outdoor banners. PVC is great because of its durability, its easy maintenance, and its ability to showcase brighter and bolder colours. Fabric is another material which is popular, although it is less durable than PVC and is often only suitable for indoor use.


The Top Four Pointers to Remember when Designing a Pop Up Banner for Your Business

In order to capture the largest part of the market possible, a business needs a good promotional strategy – this is based on a careful weighing of the business’s ability and the requirements of the target demographic. Pop up banners fit that bill very well; they are able to speak to a large audience whilst remaining very economical and thus very effective.

However, the design of pop up banners, pull up banners, roller banners, and more need to be well thought-out. Create a great banner and chances are you will have both more sales and leads to possible sales in the future; create a mediocre banner and you will look unprofessional and may actually send people to check out your competition. It’s important to get the design right. Here are the top six pointers to remember when designing a pop up banner for your business.


It’s important to get a colour theme. It makes the banner highly visible and it creates an immediate first impression. Colours evoke emotion, and they have to be used very well in order to create the greatest impression possible. GuestPostRemember – if you can’t attract the customer, then your message may get lost. Black and white is quite boring and will attract the viewer for only a few moments; bright colours tend to hold the viewer’s attention for a longer time, up to 2 seconds. This may sound like a short time, but it is long enough for them to read the catchy headline and feel excitement at the prospect of getting answers to questions.


Have a clear message. Make it short but powerful.


You want to look professional. It reflects on you, your company, and your brand. An unprofessional image (due to blurry print or poor-quality graphics) will have the opposite effect; it will make you look incapable and untrustworthy.

Emotion is a powerful tool

Research has shown that we often use our emotions more than our common sense when making a decision, especially when confronted with a quick message. Have a smiling face and appeal to emotion, as suggested by banner printing experts.

Here’s another very useful tip: use quick response codes when you show your brand off. It’s a good strategy; not everyone will be able to get to your stall or store right away, but a quick response code may be able to direct them to a website right away. Most everyone owns a smart phone nowadays, and there are plenty of apps that allow you to direct them to what they need to know – that indecipherable black-and-white square image you see is actually a great way of making sure people get on their mobile device and check you out online. Be smart, be modern, and do whatever it takes to get the customer to come to you.

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4 Guaranteed Hacks for Effective Carpet Cleaning

A carpet can change a room by adding outstanding excellence to it. Here are the main 4 Carpet Cleaning Ottawa hacks that will help you to keep your carpets clean.

  1. Utilize An Iron To Get Rid Of Wax And Stains

To start with, what ought to do is to vacuum your home, and utilize an answer of 1 section vinegar to 3 section water, and permit the answer for labor for a couple of minutes. Put a white material over the stain and iron the entire space to evacuate the stains. In the event that you need to expel the wax, simply put a material over the wax and afterward utilize press on it. Basically try not to put the iron straightforwardly on the floor covering, as it could smolder or soften the strands.

  1. Use An Ice Block To Get Rid Of Gum Or Indentations From Furniture

You may understand that you can set gum to rub it off of floor covering (or texture). Regardless, you won’t understand that you can settle a cut on the furniture by leaving an ice square to break up on the indented spot. After the ice has completely relaxed, simply splash the abundance and iron until it dries out, and after that utilization a vacuum.

  1. Utilize Carpets with a Proper Strategy

Yes, you heard it right! You can have a procedure of utilizing carpets, additionally; guarantee that you flip them simply like you flip the sleeping pads. Utilize zone carpets and runners in high-action areas. Flipping your floor covers following a couple of months will build the life of both the floor covering and the mat. Find some elastic less support, so you can wash them effortlessly.

  1. Utilize Baking Soda To Remove Odor

By applying heating pop over the room, oils stains can be doused and rooms can be roused. In the first place permit the heating pop to settle wherever on the floor and afterward clean it with the vacuum cleaner.

Last Thoughts: These hacks will help you to clean the floor coverings adequately. Be that as it may, contracting administrations of professional will give the most astounding outcomes.

How to choose the right scaffold rental company in Vancouver

When it comes to the options for scaffolding rental in Surrey, you have more than one. Several companies provide different types of scaffold rental in Vancouver, as well as various contract terms, sizes, and options from which customers can choose. Whether you’re doing painting on a tall commercial building, doing repair work to the side of a home, or doing other major contract work and renovations for a commercial client, there are a number of reasons you are going to want to rely on the use of a scaffolding rental in Surrey. For such reasons, before you do choose where to rent, consider these terms.
scaffolding rental
1. What they rent –
Just because a company provides scaffold rental in Vancouver, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the scaffolds you need. Size, durability and maneuverability are some of the most important features to look for in a scaffold. Of course, you want something safe, easy to use, and something that is usable on any work site where you are doing a job. So, before choosing a rental company, make sure they have various scaffolds intended for the specific type of work for which you will be using them.

2. Contract versus non-contract –
If you only need the scaffold for a few hours, you don’t want a long-term rental. On the flip side, if you are doing a huge job for a client, where you need it for weeks or months, you want to find the best possible rental terms and whatever savings you can. So make sure to compare rental terms, contract options, and savings offered, so you can choose the right rental company to work with.

3. Safety –
If equipment is not well kept, regularly serviced, and if it is going to put your employees in harm’s way, do you really want to rent from that company? Of course not. So, spend a decent amount of time comparing local rental companies, figure out when and how often they maintain and repair their equipment, and make sure that all scaffolds are safe for operation, regardless of how high up they go, or what type of job they are going to be used for.

4. Savings and repeat rentals –
Again, you want to find the best terms for rental, and the prices which are most affordable. So, when comparing companies, find out if they offer any discounts, such as if they offer discounts for repeat customers or those who are renting many scaffolds at a time. You have many options when it comes to renting equipment, so make sure you find out what is out there. By comparing a few companies, you will more easily find what you need, and you will be more likely to find the best deal possible.

Remember, just because you need equipment for a job doesn’t mean you have to dish out a huge amount of money or invest in purchasing it, especially when it comes to equipment you do not use regularly. When you need scaffolds, or other equipment for a job, the option to rent is a great way to save, and have exactly what you need whenever you need it.

Shoring contractors in Calgary – Make sure to only hire the best

Hiring shoring contractors in Calgary for excavation services is just one of the many reasons you might require these contractors to dig deep below the Earth’s surface. Whether excavating a piece of land to find out what is below the ground, or hiring these shoring contractors in Calgary to repair something below the ground’s surface, only the right contractors are going to do the job properly. In order to do digging, excavating, and other services below ground, and up high, the use of scaffolding in Calgary is just one of the many pieces of equipment contractors will use.
When choosing scaffolding in Calgary, contractors not only have to find those pieces of equipment that are specifically intended for this type of service, but also the equipment which is most durable and can withstand high pressure levels and large amounts of weight. The scaffolds, digging equipment, excavation equipment, and all other things used for any job, should all be well-made, and should be specifically intended for this type of work.

Since there are many places to purchase these scaffolds, and other equipment used for shoring, contractors have to know where to shop, in order to find the right equipment. Some things to keep in mind when choosing equipment are:
1. The intended use (equipment should be made for shoring, excavation, and deep digging jobs).
2. The brands, the design, and the size of the equipment. Again, these jobs require digging to be done deep under the Earth’s surface, so power and precision are a must.
3. The quality. The equipment should be made with the best possible components, and should be designed to make any job easier, and quicker for contractors to complete.

Of course, there are many suppliers contractors can visit when purchasing shoring and commercial grade equipment. Both online and local suppliers are going to carry an extensive selection of options from which to choose. Therefore, before deciding what to buy, where to buy, or the quality and grade of equipment needed, contractors must consider and compare several suppliers. By doing this, you will:
– Find high quality options.
– Find more selection, and specialized equipment.
Find the best deals, discounts, and bundle packages.
– Find suppliers that have what you need at any time, and can guarantee the inventory will be in stock.

As is the case with any construction, repair, renovation, or other job of this kind, specialized equipment is going to be needed to complete the work. This is also the case for shoring contractors. Therefore, knowing where to find the specialized equipment for your specific line of work, and how find the best deals on it, are some things any contractor is going to want to do. So, when the time comes to invest in equipment, and to decide what to buy and where to buy it, these are a few things to keep in mind, so you can find the best equipment, and the best deal from the most reputable suppliers.

Important Benefits of Joining A Workers Union in Winnipeg

Workers unions are established to look after the interests of the workers and to ensure that workers receive compensation that is due to them. They also ensure that companies do not exploit their members. But, the efforts of these unions are not always beneficial to workers and companies, because sometimes the bargaining power they have over companies can have a detrimental effect on the interests of the workers. However, generally, labour unions are highly beneficial in terms of the protection of the interests of the workforce working in different sectors.

workers union

Labour unions try to ensure that workers get compensation and privileges that they deserve. Unions also work for the increment in wages for employees that receive a lower or medium range compensation package, or for workers that belong to the blue-collar category. Those workers, who typically do not have college degrees, also depend on these types of unions to negotiate better salaries for them. As a consequence, they set a benchmark for wages. And companies that do not have unions try to match these levels and provide lucrative packages to entice the workforce they require.

In addition to all this, companies whose employees are unionized tend to offer better benefits in terms of health, life, dental and disability insurance. They offer a number of other benefits, as well, including sick leave, vacation time, and salaried time-off. Moreover, they provide financial assistance to meet expenses for higher education and counselling in legal matters. In order to keep up with the ever-rising trend towards family welfare programs, some companies even allow their workers to take some time off to provide care for children and the elderly. They might even establish day care centres at workplaces and provide more strict work hours.

Apart from the benefits and fixed wages that workers receive, companies usually provide various other compensation, such as regular bonuses or shares in the profits that the company makes. Workers might prefer to opt for positions in companies that provide these benefits, even if they offer meager salaries. But, a workers union expects that companies will pay higher wages, regardless of extra non-wage compensation.

Workers unions tend to keep their members well informed about their rights and incentives they are eligible for. In case workers have any complaints against their company, unions help them by providing legal representation, as well as giving information about proper procedures. Labour unions also help workers with negotiations regarding compensation they are entitled to receive if they are terminated.

Workers belonging to unions are more likely to stay with the company for an extended period of time and are thus eligible for better retirement packages. Generally, union members tend to retire earlier than other non-union members and get better pensions.

If you are looking for union steward training in Winnipeg, then you need to do some research to find the best places in town. Get in touch with those who have already acquired such training and seek their suggestions. This will enable you to choose the right facility where you can get your union steward training in Winnipeg and become even more involved with your union.

Services Offered by Funeral Homes in Edmonton

Even though it is inevitable that we will all die at some point, death is something that most people dread because of the loss it causes and the expenses involved. However, in the event of death, the burden can be reduced, thanks to the services offered by funeral homes. Whether you are planning your own funeral in advance, have been appointed as the executor or you have just lost your loved one and have no idea where to start, the experts at these companies can help.

funeral homes

Services Offered by Funeral Homes in Edmonton

If you are based in Edmonton, you will come across well-established funeral homes that help people with funeral arrangements in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Whether you need a customized funeral service, a cremation service, a traditional funeral or celebration of life, these experts can help. Moreover, they also sell a wide variety of merchandise for use during the funeral. They offer:

  1. Customizing Services

Even though some people are certain about what they want for their funeral service, most people have not yet put serious thought into what they would want to happen at their funeral. If you are such a person, you can trust these experts to offer you different funeral service options that are tailored to your unique ideas and preferences. Regardless of your culture, religion or way of life, these professionals can offer you a funeral and burial service that suits your belief system. Whether you want your funeral service to be by the lake side, in church, or at home, they can help you out.

  1. Cremation Services

If you have decided on having a cremation service, these experts can also help. This is another great method, which is an alternative to the casket burial or entombment. And, just like other burial ceremonies, the experts usually provide different options for those people that have chosen cremation. Furthermore, during the service, the experts usually provide an opportunity for family and friends to memorialize the departed. For instance, they will typically provide a chance for people to view the deceased before the ceremony.

  1. Traditional Funerals

For those choosing burial for their loved ones, these professionals may offer you options that include 3 distinct phases. These include viewing of the deceased by the funeral attendants, the service or ceremony and the burial itself. However, note that you are not always confined to this, as the funeral director will work with you to meet your exact needs. From here, they will inform you of the available options and plan a service or ceremony that will suit all your needs and preferences.

Besides helping with funeral arrangements in Edmonton, these funeral homes also offer a wide range of services which include: celebration of life, final document service, government death benefit refund application, estate documentation, filing, cancellations notifications, and many more. Furthermore, they also offer a wide range of merchandise, such as burial vaults, urns, as well as caskets. So, if you need help with funeral arrangements in Edmonton, these experts can help.

The Importance of Hiring an Export Packaging Company in Toronto

Many times, individuals and businesses learn the importance of hiring a professional export packaging company the hard way. This is frequently after their goods arrive at their destination damaged or after encountering issues with customs and clearing authorities or the people responsible for transporting them. Such issues might result in delayed receipt of the goods being exported or even loss of business. Avoiding the terrible consequences associated with poor export packaging is important to every business. The business is required to either create an in-house export packaging department or hire a professional export packaging company. Usually, outsourcing the packaging of exports is a better choice for your business.

international shipping crates

The first reason why it is important to hire a professional export packaging company is that they have the expertise required in this field. A professional export packaging provider will have the equipment and manpower required to ensure that the packages you are exporting are correctly and securely packed.

They have the right international shipping crates in Toronto. Besides, their packages are also in line with industry standards and legal requirements for both the country of origin and destination. While you can do all this on your own, it will be a time consuming and expensive affair that will not be worth the trouble.

Another reason why you need to have your export packaging done by a professional company is insurance. Insurance companies will not compensate your business for goods damaged as a result of poor packing. They will consider this to be neglect on your part and will in some instances increase your premiums if you are often reporting damaged goods that are then realized to have been poorly packed. Professional export packaging companies have international shipping crates in Toronto, so goods are rarely damaged.

Correctly packed goods are also a sure way to avoid problems with transporters. Since transporters will normally carry multiple packages together, poor packaging can result in damage to other goods that are being transported together with yours. Besides blacklisting businesses that are notorious for poor packaging, in extreme cases, transporters might also demand compensation, especially if other goods or the transport vessel have been damaged by your goods.

Quality skilled export packaging is also a great means to promote your business. While other businesses disappoint their customers by delivering damaged and poorly packed items, you will build a reputation of professionally and carefully packing every item you send out to your customers. Companies that embrace professionalism at every level attract more business. Export packaging is one of the areas where you can easily demonstrate high standards, as well as a professional approach to your business.

Hiring a professional export packaging company has several benefits for your business. It will be cheaper in the long run compared to doing it in house, where you will require a lot of resources. Working with a company that offers high quality export packaging will allow you time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

How to Choose High Voltage Services

Are you looking for engineers for the perfect installation, maintenance and commissioning of an electrical plant? Dealing with high voltage equipment is very dangerous. A small mistake in the adjustment or fitting of the parts can cause massive damages, or even death of employees. If you want to install or maintain high voltage circuits for your power stations, it is advisable to engage qualified high voltage service providers. These experts have adequate knowledge about the procedures. Besides knowledge, there are other important things you should consider when choosing engineering and field services for installation or maintenance of high voltage circuits. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the right high voltage services:

high voltage services

Efficient Project Management

The high voltage services that you hire should know perfectly how to deal with each project. Every client has different needs. For that reason, these professionals should have the knowledge and experience required to handle each type of project. But, before making your choice, you should discuss your needs, as well as preferences with the engineer.

Reliable Working Assistance

Help is very necessary for the installation and commissioning of high voltage parts at the power station. When choosing engineering and field services, you should go for an expert who will offer 24-hour working assistance, as these functions are going on. Make sure to discuss this with an engineer before hiring them.

Site Supervision

The service provider you hire should come to the project site to check and supervise. Every power plant has a different architectural plan. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the engineer to visit the site before they start working. Proper observation of the site is very essential to perfectly install the high voltage equipment.

Good Maintenance and Operation

Installing the high voltage equipment is not enough. It is crucial to maintain and supervise the power station units, as well. Maintenance is essential to ensure proper functioning of the installed circuits. The high voltage services you hire should offer proper maintenance of the site, and this should be done in the right way.

Cutting Edge Designing

The first step of the installation process is designing. The engineer you hire should have good knowledge concerning the accurate design of these units. Initially, you should let the engineer design the high voltage units for you. Then, from there, you will decide where to install these units.

In addition, when looking for engineering and field services to handle your high voltage equipment, check the charges and track record. There are different companies that have a team of highly skilled engineers who offer designing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage equipment. The important thing is to choose the right company in order to get high quality services.

You can also go through client testimonials posted on the service providers’ website to have an idea of the kind of work they do. A good engineer will have many positive comments and reviews from clients. Besides installing high voltage units, companies offering engineering and field services also carry out the functions of demolition and retrofitting of old switch gear and circuits.